My name is Anita and I started making items as a hobby when I lived in Weston Super Mare and then started selling them through craft fairs, markets and the odd shop.

I started Atomicflump in 2008 because I absolutely love creating, crafting and designing.

Most of my handmade items are made from polymer clay which is a waterproof, hard wearing and long lasting material. It is also lightweight so lends itself to jewellery making!

Face behind the Art
My Best Friend
Partner in Crime

A lot of my hand made items are animals or something cute and quirky. I like to make the animals look like little cartoons but I have recently been working on items being more life like and adding texture.

You can find my creations sold through online stores like Ebay and Etsy. I will also be selling items via this website.

I’ve also ventured into selling Craft items as well, like buttons, charms, cabochons, washi tape and so on. Just because I love crafting and love finding items to share that are cute and unique!